Hate World Hero

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Hate World Hero is a metal band from the northern city of Rovaniemi Finland. The band was founded in 2013. Hate World Hero's music is influenced by many differe
nt styles, thanks to band members' very different musical backgrounds. Diverse riffs and melodies, interesting hooks and big choruses, played with precision and big attitude ensure an interesting listening experience.

Hate World Hero released their first two singles in spring 2016 and a six-song EP called "Hate World Hero" in fall 2016. In 2017 the band went through big changes when founding members Tomi and Jared left the band to focus on their Rock band "Hairforce None" (they are awesome btw). In 2018 the band truly found itself with new band members (Jani and Pete) and focused on composing new music and fine-tuning their craft. 

Yhtye esiintyi Kirjastorokki 30V -tapahtumassa 12.9.2020 Rovaniemellä.

Hate World Hero
Paikkakunnat: Rovaniemi
Perustettu: 2013
Aktiivikausi: 2010-luku, 2020-luku
Tyylisuunnat: heavy rock
Kokoonpanossa vaikuttaneet: Hannu Kuoksa
Jani Mikkola
Petri Maunu
Teemu Kaakkurivaara
Teemu Huhtala